My Arch Linux Repository

Mort Yao


I use Arch Linux exclusively as my working OS since 2012. There were glitches and nonsleepiness, but also kludges and full control – if I don’t like how something works, I fork it myself. No proprietary code runs on my machines.

I have a personal Arch Linux repository that hosts some pre-built unofficial Arch packages, mostly at my own convenience:

  1. Programming language-related:
    • z3-git
    • fstar-git
    • mathcomp-git
    • … and more.
  2. Desktop:
    • meine-mutter (my personal fork of Mutter 3.26, GNOME’s window manager)
    • mi-caja (my personal fork of Caja 1.16, MATE’s file manager)
    • scite-gtk2 (SciTE built with GTK+ 2)

pacman.conf entry:

Server =

Public key: (07DA 00CB 7820 3251)

# pacman-key -r 78203251
# pacman-key --lsign-key 78203251