Follow the White Rabbit.

Mort Yao


Mort is a slow learner, a wannabe perfectionist, a born skeptic, a not-so-geeky geek, and yet an overwhelmed Computer Science student.

Mort is striving to learn mathematics and logic, presumably for a lifetime. Mort is also obsessed with all forms of visual arts, especially metaphysical art, monochrome photography, and (for practical reasons) graphic design, web typography as well as data visualization.

Mort was born in Nanking, China and currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. He enjoys reading, cooking, solving puzzles, wandering in a library, hiking and urban exploring in his spare time, which he doesn’t have as much as he used to.

Unsurprisingly, Mort is aware of a lot about what he doesn’t know or hasn’t experienced yet. Thus, his life journey goes on.

Mort is a man; all men are mortal. Hence the name. (self-referentially!)