Small script to configure your hosts file so you don't get distracted during the day

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horseshit is an easy-to-use command line program that blocks websites known to distract us from our work, which is forked from leftnode/get-shit-done.

Unlike get-shit-done, horseshit is implemented in Python only, with both 2.x/3.x compatibility. horseshit is also a PyPI package, so that it can be installed and updated via pip or easy_install.

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1. Using the PyPI package:

Install the PyPI package:

$ pip install horseshit


$ easy_install horseshit

2. Using Git:

Clone the Git repository:

$ git clone git://

After cloning this repository, you may want to put it in your $PATH and ensure it is executable.


1. Setting horseshits

horseshits is a no-brainer plain text file contains a load of horseshits that may distract you from work, line by line.

Also there is an example of what horseshits should be like in: horseshits.example.

On *nix systems, put your horseshits into:


You can simply use the example I provided if you'd like:

sudo cp horseshits.example /etc/horseshits

Or start writing your own:

sudo vi /etc/horseshits

On Windows, put it into your own user directory:


2. To get-shit-done

Execute get-shit-done as root because it modifies your hosts file and restarts your network daemon.

$ sudo get-shit-done work

3. To no longer get-shit-done

$ sudo get-shit-done play

Additional Tips

You can, of course, use get-shit-done with your crontab, to control your work time and play time during the day. Whatever, I should say self-control is always the best.


Thanks to Vic Cherubini, the original author of get-shit-done.

Thanks to myself. It finally comes to me that I have to stop my goddamned procrastination and increase focus NOW - for a proper work efficiency.

Shit kickin' productivity!